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Making the Drop – Supplying land-based and off-shore operations with one-stop shop service

Jordano’s Marine and Specialty Account Sales Department services a wide array of customers, from the Chumash Casino Resort, to offshore drilling platforms and a well-known local restaurant chain. The department has been managed for 25 years by Mike Daly, who, along with his great staff, has provided a very high-level of service to keep these high-profile accounts happy. Jordano’s, as a company, will soon celebrate its 100th year in business. For 25 of those years, they have been making the lives of their marine and specialty customers as successful and smooth as possible.

The Scoop: Define the scope of business your department services and supplies.
Mike Daly: We are the primary distributor for the Chumash Casino Resort, including their restaurant, hotel and gas station. Because the Resort operates four foodservice venues on the property that are in 24/7 operation, we provide three major deliveries a week and are on call to react on other days, if necessary.

We also supply everything a platform or vessel needs to run their galleys successfully, including frozen and refrigerated groceries, perishable goods like produce and dairy products, and equipment and supplies. We provide everything they need to conduct their foodservice business.

The Scoop: Why do marine vessels and platforms rely on Jordano’s?
MD: For many very important reasons, actually. We’re a high-level, one-stop shop with a breadth of items that they need. But handling the logistics of the two major ports we serve – Port Hueneme in Ventura County and the Port of Los Angeles – means there is a small window of time when the platform supply vessels are docking so we can make our deliveries. We travel many miles to make our deliveries, so we must fill the orders completely and accurately.

The Scoop: Technology must impact the ordering of goods, how are you putting it to use?
MD: In the 25 years we’ve offered this specialized service, we’ve moved from phone ordering and faxing, to primarily receiving electronic and online orders, which creates major efficiencies.

We are also heavily reliant on our extensive expertise and accurate order processing. It has to be a well-oiled machine. Our sales support team, made up of Jamie Jackson and Alex Villasana, is extremely important in processing, communicating and coordinating deliveries for our customers.

We also have a dedicated Marine and Specialty Department area within our warehouse, specific order “pullers,” and we pull items in the daytime in the event we need to respond to shortages and substitutions with our vendors, who typically work nine to five. Part of that operation is to accurately weigh products, plus build and wrap the pallets. We have an experienced and accurate warehouse team that deals with the specialty nature of the business. Aaron Hurst, Juan Gonzalez, Venelin Grozev, David Medina, and Bruce Fowler comprise this important team critical to our success.

The Scoop: Since you are the main supplier, have you ever had to go above and beyond to get items outside of your product line?
MD: We have developed a very close relationship with the offshore and vessel customers, and they rely on us as their main, or only, on-shore contact. We also supply large orders for extended trips. Transient vessels or research vessels that are at sea 4 to 5 months at a time require from $1,000, up to $50,000 worth of supplies. We can handle any size order and are proud to say we can supply just about anything a crew needs. We even supply Christmas trees to those job sites that want them and can even put them up for their holiday decorations.

The Scoop: You mentioned having to react, what types of situations warrant quick reactions?
MD: Both oil spill response vessels and platform supply boats require quick departures in the event of an emergency, or if there is a pending storm. We are intimately involved in the process even if we get a call at 2 a.m. on a Sunday; we still meet the delivery needs before that vessel departs.

Certainly all ships/boats called out on unexpected missions demand our rapid attention. Weather-related issues, such as high swells or wind, might mean we have to reschedule deliveries at odd times, or to different ports.

We have many unique challenges in our department, whether we are serving land-based or marine customers. The bottom line is, we will always do our very best to get the products when, and where, they need to be!