Every day, Jordano’s makes deliveries to customers in six counties in central and southern California.
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Jordano’s Foodservice is committed to developing, supporting and maintaining relationships with leading national and local brands. We take immense pride in delivering our customers and their consumers the brands they have grown to love and trust.
One thing's for sure, we work with manufacturers that you can depend on for quality products, innovative new items and successful support including rebates, menu ideas, serving suggestions, point of sale and more. Jordano’s stocks more than 9,000 food and supplies products on a daily basis in our Santa Barbara warehouse.
Below is just a partial list of the hundreds of national brands we partner with to serve your foodservice needs:
Due to our unique geographical location in the heart of major growing and grazing areas, Jordano’s is able to supply our customers with products from a wide-array of fabulous local produce and center-of-the-plate vendors including Babe’ Farms, Boskovich Farms, Chilemar, Hollister Ranch Co., Mission Produce, Santa Barbara Smokehouse,  and Sunkist. Central and Southern California also lends itself to a myriad of locally-owned, high-quality foodservice vendors including Lori’s Lemonade, Green Star Coffee,Ivan.Bar,  La Tolteca, Santa Barbara Essentials, Santa Barbara Ice, and Sun & Swell Foods. We are proud to support our local brands!