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Salmon: A Year-Round Season

Anderson Seafoods meets demand with sustainable supply

As the season for wild salmon winds down, new partnerships at Anderson Seafoods offer great-tasting options of responsible and sustainably raised farmed Atlantic and Pacific Chinook salmon that are available fresh year round for your restaurants. Salmon is in high demand. Jordano’s alone sells thousands of pounds of fresh farmed Atlantic salmon weekly. This product is restocked on a daily basis into Jordano’s warehouse by Anderson Seafoods.

To keep up with the King salmon demand, Anderson Seafoods uses two very exciting but unique farmed King salmons. The first is Creative Salmon out of Canada (, North America’s only major producer of indigenous Pacific Chinook (King) salmon. While currently seeking “organic” certification from Canada, this farm boosts its “natural” practices. These practices include the fish being fed a natural diet of fish meal, fish oil and certified organic wheat, no antibiotics, no chemicals used in cleaning of pens, low density pens, minimal handling of fish, and fallowing (which is the practice of rotating pen sites for up to several years to allow the sea floor to return to its natural condition).

The other salmon is Mt. Cook Alpine Saikou Sushi Grade Salmon out of New Zealand (  This is no ordinary farmed salmon. It is the only farmed King salmon that is raised in freshwater for its entire life cycle. These fish are raised for their high quality, clean, delicate taste and texture. Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon is the highest altitude salmon farm in the world with 2.2 million gallons of pure glacier and snow fed water passing through the farm every minute. The water is so pure you can drink from it above and below the farm. The fish is not treated with any vaccines or antibiotics at any stage of their life cycle. They are naturally healthy due to living in pristine, highly oxygenated water and getting plenty of exercise.

“We’re pleased to be working with these companies. Having been in the seafood industry for over 30 years I am always excited when we come across a great product,” says Kathleen Hanson, newly named Executive Director of Sales and Sustainability of Anderson Seafoods.

“It makes an enormous difference for us; we can supply these King salmon outside of the typical May to October wild salmon season which means our customers can trust that we’re doing everything we can to supply a superb, sustainably raised alternative product and that the quality remains consistent,” Hanson adds.

Anderson Seafoods has developed a partnership with Seafood for the Future, a non-profit seafood advisory and promotional program based at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach ( which helps with the promotion sustainable seafood practices. Seafood for the Future met with Anderson Seafoods last year to review their purchasing practices. The review showed Anderson Seafoods at the forefront of sustainability, procuring sustainable items and encouraging sustainable practices and preservation.

In her new role, Kathleen Hanson is responsible for leading Anderson Seafoods’ sustainability efforts. The company’s goal is to reach a point where a significant amount of all seafood purchases come from a sustainable source. Our philosophy and business practice at Anderson Seafoods is to support suppliers/fisherman that fish and farm raise seafood responsibly. We go to great lengths to verify that they are doing so.

But Hanson’s approach is personal. “It’s important for Jordano’s customers (restaurants, catering, hotels, etc) to know that we are a resource to help them determine their product needs, educate them on seafood and share the importance of sustainability. I am available to meet directly with Jordano’s customers if requested. I also work closely with Jordano’s sales representatives,” Hanson adds.

In addition to a wide variety of wild (when in season) and farmed salmon, Anderson Seafoods has a complete line of fresh and frozen seafood from all over the world that is available to Jordano’s customers on a daily basis. This ranges from halibut, mahi, seabass, shark, whitefish, ono, opah, tuna, swordfish, snapper, cod, sole, catfish, trout, and tilapia in addition to shellfish such as scallops, oysters, clams, and mussels.

Helping customers further, Anderson Seafoods recently changed their skip day ordering policies to shorten the time between orders and deliveries to Jordano’s customers. Now customers can order from their Jordano’s sales representative up to 10 a.m. to receive fresh and frozen seafood products sourced through Anderson Seafoods the next day.

To learn more about Anderson Seafoods’ sustainability practices visit their website at