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Butterball - Help Customers Serve with Confidence

Turkey is fully qualified to work all over the menu. It can stand alone, or it can stand in for other proteins. 89% of consumers agree that turkey is healthier than beef or pork, and 68% agree that it’s healthier than chicken.1… Read More >

How to BOOST Your Sales During Football Season

SO HOW CAN YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FOOTBALL’S POPULARITY AND BOOST YOUR SALES DURING THE SEASON? Here are a few examples of restaurants and bars offering specials and incentives to visit their establishment instead of tailgating… Read More >

Top 3 Changes to Lower Labor Costs

Labor is a major area where restaurants can bleed profitability. Why? When the clock goes tick, you owe! For your food costs, if you buy too much food, as long as it’s not wasted, spoiled or stolen, you can use that food… Read More >

Valuable Food Service Tips for Attracting and Engaging Millennials

The Millennial generation is one that has many operators scratching their heads. This is due largely in part to the differences in their interests and behaviors. Each generation sees the world a little differently which brings… Read More >

Packaged Facts Examines Flavors & Ingredients In New Culinary Trend Tracking Report

What a flavorful world. From posh fine dining restaurants to trendy food trucks to aromatic residential kitchens, flavors and ingredients originating from lands far and wide are spicing up meals in every corner of our nation.… Read More >

Santa Barbara High Celebrates Athletics History With First Hall of Fame Ceremony

On Thursday, January 26th, 2017, Peter and Gerd Jordano were amongst the 77 honorees in the first induction class of Santa Barbara High School's Athletics Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame includes three categories of inductees:… Read More >

Flavor and Menu Trends

At Jordano’s, we’re continually searching for the best new trends — we scour new local restaurants and taste test the finest products on the market. Overall, we found healthier, more convenient, and more eye-catching foods… Read More >

The One Thing You Must Learn to Survive a Minimum Wage Increase

Because you cannot overcome minimum wage increases with labor cuts alone. Let me start off by saying this is not a political soapbox article. I don’t care what side of the political fence you live on, my goal is to teach… Read More >

How "Free" Marketing Could be Killing Your Bottom Line

The concept of digital marketing is easy to embrace. The internet provides a seemingly endless supply of free (and low-cost) marketing solutions that provide unique opportunities to engage directly with customers and drive… Read More >

Four Key Areas to Improving Your Restaurant

Managing a restaurant, of any size these days, is a constant juggling act of service and quality, with success being determined by word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews from your patrons. It’s one of the few industries… Read More >

Business Marketing and Social Media

7 Best Social Media Channels for Business Marketing Facebook - With Facebook set to break the 2 billion user marker in 2018, the odds are favorable that your client base is using the social media channel. When posting on… Read More >

Jordano's Celebrates 103 Years!

What is today a multi-million dollar corporation with more than 595 employees began in 1915 with four brothers, a family loan, and a little grocery store in Santa Barbara, California. From the very start, its guiding principle… Read More >

Chuck’s of Hawaii Celebrates 50 Years in Santa Barbara

When I was in college 20 years ago, Chuck’s of Hawaii was the place to take both your dates and your parents. The dimly lit, low-ceilinged, torch-touting upper State Street steakhouse was simultaneously comforting with a… Read More >