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Meet Laura Miller

Ever changing regulations for food safety on the federal, state and local level, combined with Jordano’s long standing commitment to our customers to deliver the highest quality products, has resulted in the continued need to develop a focused position that oversees the utilization and effectiveness of our established food safety systems and drives continuous improvement of these processes. A role such as this would require an individual with a very specific expertise and background to lead the charge and as luck would have it, such a person came to us. Enter stage right; Laura Miller.

Laura has been developing her career in food safety since 2007. Her start within the industry began at a food safety consulting firm, where she remained for seven years before accepting a Food Safety Manager position at a Sunkist lemon packinghouse. Laura is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Food Science Management and has had the unique opportunity to consult with various companies through the course of her tenure, giving her firsthand experience at observing many different products and processes – avocado packers, orange packers, cantaloupe packers, watermelon packers, stone fruit packers, olive oil production, mushroom production, and food packaging production – just to name a few.

During an introductory visit to Jordano’s, Laura recognized several products in stock and knew they were being sourced from facilities with top notch food safety systems in place. Subsequent to that earlier visit this year, Laura joined the Jordano’s team as our new Food Safety Manager, to continue the Jordano’s promise of offering our customers the most wholesome, high quality and food safe products on the market. As the Food Safety Manager, Laura works with our purchasing department to ensure our suppliers are food safe certified and works closely with our warehouse operations to affirm our facility and processes adhere to superior manufacturing practices every day. She also partners with fleet and transportation to guarantee there are no gaps in our cold-chain management.

Finally, Laura is in constant contact with our sales executives and makes herself readily available to offer technical support if a customer has any food safety concerns.